Welcome to the Bearberry Community

Our hamlet is located 25 km west of Sundre at the base of the foothills in southwest Central Alberta and close to the east border of the Banff National Park. It belongs to the Municipality of Mountain View County.

To some in our area, two years is a long time…
to some in our area who were born here, OLD TIME and LONG TIME means nothing’.

Many people from all over the world settled in Bearberry in the early years of the last century. Many of their families still live in our area. During the last two decades more and more people from the cities moved to Bearberry because of the peace and quietness here.

Cattle, coyotes and domestic wildlife are part of our community as well. We estimate approximately 130 households are part of our area.

Don’t look for high rise buildings … the “downtown” is marked by the Community Hall, the Heritage & Arts Centre and the Saloon. Sorry, at the moment we don’t have a gas station, so please fill up in Sundre before you come to Bearberry!


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