Hunting Season

Hunting Season is upon us. Beware of suspicious activity such as:

1. Driving slower than usual, especially early morning-late evening.

2. Stopping on road, usually near trees or areas where deer frequent.

3. Stopping, then driving away fast and erratically.

4. Dropping a person off, then driving away.

5. Driving same road and turning around.

6.If you hear a rifle shot or shots.

7. If you hear shot or shots and see vehicle drive away at a fast speed.

8. If you see a person or person standing, walking, running or hiding on posted land.

9. If you see vehicle with firearm sticking out window, windows of vehicle.

10. If you observe one or more vehicles driving together slow or parked together on roadway or otherwise.  

These 10 signs of suspicious activity are more than obvious and there are more not mentioned. If you do observe something suspicious, take a photo and/or jot particulars of ‘W-5’ in a notebook. I suggest keeping a log of noted activity, and of course if an obvious offense is observed, call the Report A Poacher or RAP hotline to Fish and Wildlife Enforcement at 1-800-642-3800, or RCMP complaint line. This line is active 24/7/365 for violations OR suspicious activity, OR a dangerous wildlife situation.

Murray Bates