Bearberrys artists

A wide variety of Artists call Bearberry "Home". Whether you are looking for a stunning piece of pottery, exquisite stained glass work, paintings, wood work or if you like to read an interesting autobiography - you can find all of these in Bearberry.

Painting by Danny Joe Jones

Danny Joe Jones is a new resident in the Bearberry Area.
He finds the light here is special.
Please visit Danny's website, where you can find his paintings, carvings and other work of art.
You are very welcome to visit his studio in Bearberry.

Taliesin Studio is a working pottery studio in Bearberry

Taliesin Studio is a working pottery and painting studio. The pottery is both functional and sculptural, with hand thrown , raku, pit fired and sculptural pieces, along with collage, watercolour and acrylic paintings.
Barb is a member of the Wellspring Visual ArNetwork Association.
Please visit here featured work here and
click here for contact information and more pictures.

Alberta Arts Days 2009 at the Bearberry Heritage & Arts Centre

Masks created by
Danny Joes Jones

Danny Joes Jones
at work

Alison Bakken
spinning sheep wool

Virginia Wilson

Paintings by
Virginia Wilson

Carol Cillis

Paintings by
Carol Cillis

Artists at work


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