Booked Dates

The Bearberry Community Hall is already booked at the following dates:

We have to follow Alberta Health Guidelines, therefore the Hall might be closed on short notice.

MonthDatesBooking Ref. No.
May22 – 242021-0007
July1 – 42021-0006
22 – 272021-0004
30 – 312021-0008
August1 – 22021-0008
20 – 222021-0003
September10 – 122021-0001
October12 and 182021-0005
July8 – 102022-0002

Please be aware that only fully paid rentals are secured and confirmed bookings with a Booking Reference number! If there is a booked date with the remark “tentatively” please inquire whether those dates might be still available. In that case we have to contact the person who reserved those dates before we can make them available again.

For inquiries about your existing booking, please do not forget to write down your Booking Reference No.