Meeting Minutes

Bearberry Wapitana Society – Minutes for September 24, 2019, 7 p.m.

Minutes August 27, 2019
Ingrid moved minutes from August meeting adopted as read.
Seconded by Jennifer.

Financial report:
Sallee moved to adopt financial report. Seconded Ingrid.

Old Business:

The meeting with the County in regards of the review of the Municipal Development Plan was well attended. There will be an Open House coming up.  Ingrid will set up a link for the MDP from the Bearberry website to the county website.

County insurance: There is a need to have a meeting with halls around liquor and insurance .

Horse Rally went well with 109 riders this year.  Some Steaks left over will be sold at $20.00 for a package of 4.  Connie and Diane did a real good job of running it.  May look into a gaming license for next year.  Thank you Boyd for the grill. Thank you Danny, Alison, Gay and Schott’s Lake for the good prizes.

The Bearberry Saloon is trying to get permission to sell liquor from a small building north of the Saloon. The Wapitana Society signed a letter so that all directors are aware of the trailer at the store being on hall property.

Yoga is starting October 3rd from 9:00 to 10:30 for 8 weeks. Meeting the instructor on Thursday September 26, 2019 at 9:00.  $80.00 plus GST is the cost for 10 weeks.

New Business:

Starting with this meeting all Society Minutes will be put onto the Community Website as a Sub Link under Society.

Booked weekend in July 2020:
Renters are asking for a half day rental in conjunction with their booking for a wedding.
Result of the discussion: It will be decided on a case by case bases.
For the booking in question a $100.00 will be charged for time as set up on the day before the actual booking
Usually Kathie sends pictures and shows the Hall – most potential renters rent the Hall after they have seen it either on pictures on in person.

Barb Bell Mural Unveiling at the Library on Sept. 28, 2020:
Interested people should contact the Library.

Presentation on Wills:
There was interest in a seminar held by an Estate Solutions Specialist in the Bearberry Community Hall Ingrid will ask if he will come in January or February 2020

GNP 20th Anniversary.
All local communities benefit from GNP. Celebration is on June 5th, 2020.
Jennifer moved that Wapitana donate $200.00 to the GNP celebration.  Edna seconded.  Carried.

Septic system:
The septic tank will be emptied before the Turkey Dinner.

Help for a Community Member:
Go Fund Me page for Nicole Wiker. The Society could put a link onto the community website, if Barb agrees.

Turkey Supper is on October 20, 2019.
All food needs to be at the Hall by 3:00 o’clock on the day of the event.
Phone lists were handed out as follows
Edna: Turnip/ Sweet Potatoes,
Laurie: Potatoes,
Marion: Desserts
Laurie and Gay: Volunteers
Heidi: Turkeys.
There were buns left over from the Horse Rally which will be handed out to use in dressing for the Turkeys. Pick up food to be prepared on Thursday night and Friday morning at the Hall.
Advertising: Posters will be put out on facebook as well as posted.  Ads in Gazette, Sundre on the Go, Western Star.

Ingrid will ask if Denise would like to organize a Xmas sale.

Next meeting: October 29, 2019.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm

Minutes taken by Alison