Meeting Minutes

Bearberry Wapitana Society Meeting – Feb. 18, 2020 (13 people attended)

Financial Report:
Sallee moved to accept the report as is, Diane seconded. Carried.
Proceeds from the sale of Barb’s artwork and furniture were to be split with the library. Jennifer moved to send $700 to the library, Lonnie seconded. Carried
We have a GIC, Lonnie moved to rollover GIC with interest, Ingrid seconded. Carried

2020 Rentals and rates:
There was a change to the set fees during our AGM on Jan. 28, 2020.
The following rates for 2021 are set:
$300 for the first day, $200 each consecutive day ($700 per weekend).
One day rental clarified to mean one calendar day, no overnight.
No single day rental on weekends and during the summer.
We will post online “for more information contact the rental committee for more details”.
We are trying to encourage a maximum of two lump sum payments. Diane moved to accept, Sallee seconded. Carried.

Lonnie and Kathie did a walkabout and created a wish list.
Playground should be inspected (last done in 2015, s.b yearly ) fence needs repair where stolen vehicle damaged it, tree removal, thinning of saplings, more pea gravel, retaining wall. We will put in $2000 in cash or volunteer hours and request the balance. Moved by Marion, seconded by Denise. Carried
Dishes, (dinner and dessert plates, soup bowls, mugs), cutlery, pie servers, discussed heated plate server, stove hood fan replacement, plexi wall corner protectors, paint kitchen and bathroom. We can apply for some help with utilities and insurance. The barn needs to be re-coated. Renata moved to apply for all items, Maureen seconded. Carried.

Crime Watch/ Outdoor Observers:
It is fairly complicated re: insurance, first aid, licensing and registration to be recognized as a neighborhood crime watch. We currently will call our group “Outdoor Observers”. To be added to the spreadsheet of interested people contact Alex at Murray spoke extensively re: differences between poaching, trespassing and crime. Recording 5W’s (who, what, where, when, why) in a notebook is best if you see anything suspicious. If crime is happening call 403-638-3655 for a line that is answered 24/7. For poaching call 1-800642-3800.

Garage Sale 2020:
Some proceeds will go to Adam’s Army. This sale will be on the first weekend in June.

The Moose and Squirrel Community event Feb. 23 to increase awareness of proposed changes to emergency room hours and the rest of the health care system. See video Youtube “Health care future in Sundre”.
Wildlife Conflict Seminar Feb. 27, see paper

Next Meeting:
Tuesday March 31 7pm
Meeting Adjourned
(Minutes taken by Diane)

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