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For all Bearberry Residents:

We received notice, that our long time Bearberry Resident, Ruby Jasman, passed away on April 2, 2014. If you like to make contributions in her memory you can donate to MADD, Stars or a close Humane Society.

75th "Bearberry Homecoming"
We will celebrate the 75th anniversary of our Bearberry Community Hall in September 2014!
This will be a weekend with lots of activities for kids and adults, old-time picnic, pot luck supper, dance... like in the old days!
If you know of anyone who used to homestead or families they use to live in the Bearberry area, please contact us. We would like to send personal invitations out to those families.
If you like to be involved to help as a volunteer during this event, please contact us.

Social, Recreational & Cultural Award presented to the Bearberry Wapitana SocietyThe Bearberry Wapitana Society was nominated for the "Social, Recreational & Cultural Award" and Barb Bell was nominated for the "Outstanding Volunteer Award".
Both awards were presented to the recepients during the second annual Community Awards Night hosted by Greenwood Neighbourhood Place and Sundre Chamber of Commerce in Sundre on April 26, 2008.

This awards are presented to a local individual or group who provided excellent social, recreational or cultural activities for the community and to a local individual over 18 years of age or a group who is recognized as an outstanding volunteer.

Please have a look at pictures taken during the event.

Bearberry NewsletterWe hope that we can continue to publish a newsletter about issues and events going on in Bearberry during the next few months again. The newsletter will be available at RR# 1 and RR# 2 mailboxes and on our website.

You are very welcome to share information with the rest of the community. If you wish to send us an article or to get our newsletter by mail, please send us an Email.

For updates on the Bearberry Area Structure Plan please visit our ASP page.

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