Rental Fees 2018

Community Hall $ 300.00 for the first day
$ 150.00 for each following day
Damage Deposit $ 150.00 refundable
Camping per RV $ 10.00 for additional day before and/or after booked days

Rental Fees 2019

Community Hall $ 300.00 for the first day
$ 175.00 for each following day
Damage Deposit $ 300.00 refundable
Camping per RV $ 10.00 for additional day before and/or after booked days

The rental fee includes:
  • the use of the hall, the bar, the kitchen and the washrooms
  • the use of chairs and tables
    Please note: Our seating capacity is 125 - 150 people depending on how you place the tables. Please bring your own table cloth and decoration.
  • the use of all kitchen equipment, plates, cutlery, pots, glasses, etc.
  • the use of our commercial dishwasher, two stoves, two microwaves, a commercial fridge and stand up freezer
  • the use of the stage at the front in the hall.
    Please note: We do not have a sound system. If needed, please bring your own.
  • the use of the greenspace around the hall for camping.
    Please note: There are only 4 plug ins outside. If you need power please bring your own generator to power your campers, if necessary. The greenspace is only available in connection with the rent of the Community Hall.
  • the use of the rock fire pit for campfire - depending on fire bans. Please bring your own firewood!
  • the use of the outside BBQ - Please bring your own charcoal!
  • the use of all other outside facilities not mentioned in this list
Please contact your own Insurance Company to get proper (PAL) insurance.
We need proof or your insurance if you sell alcohol during your event.

Sorry, but the greenspace cannot be rented out without the booking of the Community Hall.

For more information or bookings please send us your email. We will contact you as soon as possible.
Please have a look at our Hall Rental Agreement for 2018, the Hall Clean Up List and our list of frequently asked questions.

Mailing Address:
Bearberry Wapitana Society
Site 1, Box 42, RR# 2
Sundre, AB, T0M 1X0

The Community Hall is booked for:

Month Dates Booking Ref. No.
June, 2018 7 -10 2018-0010
14 - 17 tentatively
July, 2018 13 - 15 2018-0008
20 - 22 2018-0003
27 - 29 2018-0007
August, 2018 3 - 6 2018-0001
17 - 19 2018-0004
23 - 26 2018-0009
September, 2018 15 2018-0005
October, 2018 21 2018-0006
September 2019 20 - 22 tentatively
August 2020 1 - 3 tentatively

For inquiries about your existing booking, please do not forget to write down your Booking Reference No.


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