Bearberry Area Structure Plan (ASP) Amendment

The County of Mountain View Director of Planning and Development shared with us the following information:

The Bearberry Area Structure Plan (ASP) Amendment will be considered by Council after holding a Public Hearing on April 14th at or after 9 am.

The reasons for the amendment:

  1. To align the ASP policies with the recently approved Municipal Development Plan (MDP);
  2. To remove specific ASP policies for development in the Flood Hazard Areas (Floodway and Flood Fringe) and rely on MDP policies and Land Use Bylaw requirements to guide development in these areas.

Attached to this email is an excerpt of the Council Agenda from February 24th when Council gave first reading to the bylaw and includes a track change version.  The advert for the public hearing is also attached. 

The proposed bylaw can be viewed here on our website:

For more information about registration to participate in the Public Hearing please click

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you, or any landowners have questions; would like to send comment to be included in the Council Agenda; or would like to participate in the Public Hearing.


Margaretha Bloem
403-335-3311 ext. 166 |