The Wildfire Season starts at March 1! -How to be prepared for the next Wildfire Season

Please be aware that the Bearberry Area: – West of RR 60 from Twp Rd 312 to the North County – is managed by the Rocky Mountain House Forest Area.

Here is a list of websites and phone numbers you might need:

  • Fire Ban or Fire Advisory for the Bearberry Area: select “Clearwater County” or call 403-845-4444
    If a Fire Ban is provincially declared the Province will lead communications and Mountain View County will support. If a Municipal Fire Ban is declared, Mountain View County will communicate through social media, radio, news paper and County website. 

The Alberta Forest Protection Area portions of Mountain View County are:

  • Near Water Valley – the area west of RR 54 from Twp Rd 310 to the County’s South Boundary (Call the Calgary AAF office: 403-297-8800 or 310-0000 toll free). 
  • West of Sundre and Bergen, covers Coal Camp & Bearberry – areas west of RR 60 from Twp Rd 312 to the County’s North Boundary (call Rocky Mtn. House AAF office: 403-845-8250 or 310-0000 toll free). 
  • In case of Emergency and Evacuation
    In the event of a large-scale disaster that requires evacuation Mountain View County would open an Incident Command Post (ICP).  In coordination with the Province the County’s ICP would provide evacuation directions which will be supported by on the ground Fire department assistance and Public works staff.

For more information, please contact: 
Provincial Information Officer