Meeting Minutes

Bearberry Wapitana Society Meeting – October 27, 2020
(7 people attended)

Minutes of last meeting were moved, approved as read Sallee, seconded Maureen

Financial report: Sallee moved to adopt report. Seconded by Lonnie.

Easy Max Plan: The 5 years contract expires on December 2, 2020.
Motion: Renew the contract for 5 years again. In that case we will get a $ 50.00 credit from the company Motion was moved by Connie, seconded by Maureen

Bearberry residents:

Karen Locken passed away. The Society will send a card to John Locken in Sundre.

Bearberry Outdoor Observer: Over the last few weeks several trucks were observed in the area looking for animals. In addition a break in was reported. Bearberry residents should report suspicious actions and they can be posted on the Facebook page “Bearberry Neighbours Help Neighbours”. There is another Facebook page as well called the Bearberry Sundre Area Crime Awareness. Denise will put info’s on our Facebook page in these regards.

Hall Grounds: The playground repairs are still not finished. Ben Werdal looked at all work what needs to be done and it might cost more that we thought, approx. $ 4,000 – $ 6,000 without material. If he needs more bobcat work done the cost might be even higher. Therefore, we will ask Ben Werdal for a written quote.
It was discussed to ask a local landscaping company for a quote as well. Lonnie will take on this task.
Kathie will ask Home Hardware whether they will store the already purchased lumber for the playground until it is needed to finish the foundation walls around the playground.
In addition, we will ask The Playground Guys to fix the bolts for the structure for the quoted cost of $ 500. This should cover the inspection and repair cost.


The bathroom stalls and trims are painted. The painter, Terry Thompson, will come to paint the walls. This work should be done by the middle of November. The roof top screws are not re-torqued yet. We have to wait till the roof is snow and ice free.


Lonnie and Kathie will work on the report. They hope that everything is done by the end of 2020.

Events – Christmas Craft Fair:

Because of increasing number of COVID infections in Alberta it was decided not to have a Christmas Craft Fair in 2020.
Christmas Luncheon:
There will be no Christmas Luncheon this year because of COVID restrictions.


We need to discuss whether we have to send updated contracts regarding COVID regulations to renters they re-booked for 2021 already. For those contracts we will keep the rental fees as confirmed in 2020. During our AGM in January 2021 it will be discussed whether our rental contract needs to be updated.

New Business:

Greenwood Neighbourhood Place in Sundre asked the Society whether they could get the Hall for a Seniors Workshop on November 24, 2020. Interested Bearberry residents should register with GNP directly if they are interested to participate.
It was discussed what the Society could do for Bearberry residents during this time of isolation because of COVID restrictions. Ingrid will send a Survey to all residents on her email list to ask what people would like to see and/or participate in. ie. Yoga, Crafts, Gatherings, etc.

Society Executive Position:

Marion Pogson is not longer able to be the Vice Chair for the Society. We will ask her to send an official letter of resignation. A new Vice Chair will be appointed at the next AGM

Next meeting: December 1, 2020, 10:00 am.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm

Minutes taken by Ingrid

Former minutes: Minutes 9-2019.pdf Minutes 10-2019.pdf Minutes 11-2019.pdf AGM 1-2020.pdf Minutes 9-2020.pdf